45 Reasons why you should consider Quantum your Property Management of Choice

  1. Provides 24-hour-per-day Emergency Call Service.
  2. Furnishes Emergency Call Service 365 days per year.
  3. Has company decision-maker always on call.
  4. Handles disaster situations by use of experienced personnel.
  5. Professionally trains back-up personnel for each property.
  6. Implements energy conservation program.
  7. Utilizes in-depth preventive maintenance systems for all operating equipment.
  8. Professionally trains engineering personnel in-house.
  9. Supplies adequate inventory of critical parts and equipment to minimize or eliminate breakdowns.
  10. Weekly inspects the appearance and condition of the premises and mechanical equipment.
  11. Preserves common areas and grounds in an excellent condition.
  12. Prepares specifications for all competitive bids.
  13. Obtains and reviews competitive proposals for the purchase of goods and services.
  14. Closely supervises vendor performance.
  15. Analyses/Prepares Capital Needs Analysis to determine future funding needs.
  16. Hires, trains and supervises all property personnel.
  17. Utilizes in-house personnel for maintenance and repairs to minimize necessity of using outside contractors.
  18. Evaluates security needs and makes recommendations.
  19. Markets the sales or leasing of individual units.
  20. Resolves individual occupancy problems through staff specialist.
  21. Coordinates and provides input on community newsletter.
  22. Keeps informed on pertinent state and local laws.
  23. Maintains knowledge and understanding of articles and by-laws governing associations.
  24. Attends Board Meetings and Annual Meeting.
  25. Operates state-of-the-art, in-house computer hardware and software systems.
  26. Maintains a generally accepted, comprehensive system of records, books and accounts.
  27. Provides monthly assessment notices and payment envelopes.
  1. Diligently collects assessments, rents and other fees (commences legal proceedings, if necessary).
  2. Permits free access and examination of accounting records by authorized representatives.
  3. Prepares an operating budget on monthly and annual basis for Owner/Lender/Agency review and approval.
  4. Furnishes a monthly statement of receipts and disbursements, including a bank reconciliation.
  5. Deposits all collections in a separate account designated by Owner.
  6. Advises Owner of any excess funds at year-end and recommends investment opportunities.
  7. Professionally performs purchasing to assure that every economic advantage is afforded.
  8. Encourages payment discounts and volume purchase privileges and discounts.
  9. Establishes and maintains inventory system to control and optimize efficient use of parts and materials.
  10. Establish/Maintain Reserve for Replacements of components of community.
  11. Competitively bids, places and monitors all liability and property insurance. requirements to include: Fire and Extended Coverage, Personal Property, Broad Form Comprehensive General Liability, Directors’ and Officers’ Liability, Employee Fidelity Bond, Boiler and Machinery, Workers’ Compensation, Employee Group Health and Accident.
  12. Negotiates and follows up on all liability and damage claims to receipt of settlement check.
  13. Provides in-house insurance advice and consultation to owners.
  14. Provides complete in-house swimming pool operation and management services.
  15. Reviews new construction plans and specifications for marketability and maintainability.
  16. Reviews construction-in-progress and during guarantee period for compliance with plans and specifications.
  17. Designs, obtains financing and completes refurbishing/rehabilitation projects at both large and small.
  18. Decorates/designs common areas and building systems.

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