Congratulations to Jorge Moreno, March 2013 Quantum Employee of the Month!


Jorge M pic

Jorge Moreno has been employed with Quantum Real Estate Management, LLC since August 2005. Jorge is the Maintenance Supervisor at Lockwood House & Elmwood House (Senior & Disabled apartment homes) in Fairfax County, Virginia. With his knowledgeable expertise and caring attitude, Jorge has kept the residents and staff happy and the properties in immaculate condition. Per Jorge’s supervisor, “Jorge is the glue that keeps the properties together.”

A native of El Salvador, Jorge is the third of four siblings (1 sister & 2 brothers). Jorge graduated from The National Institute of J.C.P. and enrolled in the Police Academy right after the “The Salvadoran Civil War (1979-1992).” He was a Sargent for 7 years. After getting shot on duty while responding to a bank robbery, Jorge’s sister asked him to come to the United States with her. After capturing and forgiving the bank robber who shot him, in 1999 Jorge left El Salvador and moved to the United States with his sister in Washington, D.C. In 2000, Jorge found a Maintenance job in the District and attended the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 99. Jorge received his HVAC CFC, electrical, OSHA, and plumbing certificates. Jorge stated he has not been back to his country since he left, but he plans on visiting in April 2013 to see his children (2 boys and 1 girl) whom he has not seen since they were babies.

After working as a Maintenance Assistant for two condominium buildings, Jorge came to Quantum Real Estate Management in 2005 and was hired as a Maintenance Supervisor for two properties. Jorge has been able to maintain the buildings and keep calm through natural disasters like the June 2012 North American derecho. The properties went without power for four days. With the help of dedicated staff members, Jorge walked each floor of the buildings maintaining the fire watch for the residents who were left at the properties. Jorge also took numerous trips miles away to find fuel for the generator and food and water for the residents. Jorge prepared food on the grill for the residents and even sat with the residents in the hot summer heat, sharing laughs and stories trying to keep them all calm during the disaster. Jorge takes pride in his work and demonstrates how helpful he can be by helping out in the office with maintenance tickets, taking the residents to and from their swimming classes, defusing resident conflicts, and even taking time out to assist at other Quantum communities. Although Jorge’s title is “Maintenance Supervisor,” he has proven time and time again to Quantum and the residents of the communities that no job is too little or too big for him to handle.

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