Resident News

Residents at Mrs. Philippines got into the holiday spirit by building gingerbread houses.

Residents and staff at Mrs. Philippines Home for Senior Citizens enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving lunch and were gifted Thanksgiving baskets provided by area organizations.

Thank you to the Property Management Association for sponsoring a Resident Bingo Game this November at Covenant Village Apartments in Germantown.  The residents really had a nice time and the PMA spared no expense in making our residents happy and comfortable. 

Residents at Mrs. Philippines Home for Senior Citizens got into the Halloween spirit. Led by Service Coordinator Barbara Crawford, residents made “Boo Pops.”  To make your own Boo Pop:

1. Wrap 1 piece of a white 5″ x 5″ fabric or napkin square around a lollipop.

2. Tie a piece a ribbon just below the bottom of the candy part of the lollipop.

3. Give to your friends and family.



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