Team Quantum Walks to Cure CF at the 24th Annual Great Strides Walk

This year Team Quantum participated in the 24th Annual Great Strides Walk on May 20th in Centreville, Virginia. We truly hope that we are entering the final phase of our fundraising efforts. This past year and the beginning of 2012 have brought us all some great news. The Vertex drug trial that was showing great promise has resulted in a new drug recently approved by the FDA. This new drug has shown positive results on some CF patients with a specific mutation. Unfortunately, at this point this is just a small percentage of the CF patient population. The good news is that with the knowledge acquired in developing this drug, new drug trials are already underway testing another drug to address the larger CF population. We hope that our fundraising will help push the research and get the drugs approved and on the market so that all CF patients can plan for their future.

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