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Quantum Real Estate Management, LLC, AMO® is a third-party property management company that prides itself on maintaining the ability to provide customized services to our clients.  We specialize our services to meet the needs of each of our clients.  Because we are not a large firm with a combination of owner-managed communities, we can concentrate our services on our customers’ needs and provide individualized services.

“Quantum Real Estate Management, LLC, AMO® came on board with us in July 2018. The team hit the ground running and has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time.  We have seen many property upgrades and improvements from installing new soffits for pest control to adding a new security system.  Quantum is 100% responsive to the resident and property needs and from day one has taken the time to speak with residents, owners and board members about any issues that need to be addressed.  Quantum listens and then takes the appropriate action that is needed. The team is proactive and on top of everything.  We are thrilled to be working with Quantum and look forward to a long and successful relationship with them.”

– Lesley Hatch, President of Colchester Condominium Association, Colchester Towne Condominiums, Alexandria, VA

“Quantum Property Management has been an essential partner in our community for the last 10 years. Quantum has been instrumental and consistent in the enhancement of Bywater Mutual Homes, Inc.”

– Deneice Fisher, President Bywater Mutual Homes, Inc., Annapolis, MD

“Quantum provides superior property management performance for our affordable community.  Attention to compliance and property appearance means the community blends easily into the neighborhood while the Quantum team treats all of the residents with dignity and respect.”

– Michael J. Scheurer, Vice President of Cornerstones Housing Corporation

“Quality customer service and outstanding communication skills! Quantum understands what’s important to the owner – keeping the property in good operating condition and providing quality customer service to our residents. The staff does an outstanding job of communicating with the owner and the residents, making both parties happy.”

– Scott Kline, Vice President, National Housing Trust (NHT)