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Our Services

Quantum Real Estate Management, LLC, AMO® corporate philosophy, style, and size are uniquely suited to meet the needs of a wide variety of communities. Our experience has proven that what works well on one property is not necessarily what works best for another; therefore, Quantum takes special pride in its capacity to be flexible. Our flexibility allows us to tailor our management plan to serve the long-term goals of the owners and residents at the communities we manage and to enhance day-to-day operations.


The accounting department of Quantum Real Estate Management, LLC, AMO®, is staffed to ensure the needs of our clients are met and the operating transactions of each property under management are supported. The accounting staff responsibilities include accurately documenting each property’s operations, collecting all money owed to the company, and responsibly disbursing money owed to vendors.

Property Operations​

The Quantum team consists of professionals who are dedicated to excellence for ​all​ communities we manage.

The on-site Property Manager is actively involved in all functions that directly impact occupancy and physical property. Established systems are designed to maximize rental income and maintain the asset for the owners.

All on-site personnel can rely on well-trained administrative support staff at Quantum’s headquarters. Quantum’s headquarters coordinates an emergency on-call system that is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

We firmly believe in planning for capital improvement funding and assist in the development of capital needs analysis reports. With the prudent funding for future needs, the property’s future physical and fiscal vitality is insured.


With 170+ employees, the Quantum team is very proud of the hard work and dedication that the staff at each property puts into meeting the goals of our owners. With the support of the corporate office executive, administrative, human resource, marketing, and accounting teams and the regional managers, we can provide our clients and the residents at each community with superior property management services.

Our personnel recruitment techniques let us select employees whose abilities match the specific requirements of the communities we serve. Quantum provides continuing education seminars and programs for employees to maintain their ability to fulfill the needs of the residents.

Community Involvement​

The main objective of Quantum Real Estate Management, LLC, AMO® is to provide every resident with excellent service and instill a sense of community spirit. Our staff is trained to engage with and listen to our residents, hear their concerns, and determine where we can assist them. At the same time, we guide our residents to become more involved in the community and to understand how they can improve their home and community environment.


Quantum’s expertise includes compliance with Federal and State rental subsidy programs and the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program regarding resident certification, eligibility, processing billing, collecting, and processing rents and subsidy payments.

The Compliance Managers monitor each property to ensure that compliance criteria and regulations are being met and the staff at each property is following their specific programs. Training is an ongoing activity, and our goal is to have each property operating at an excellent level in their file audits, property inspections, and general operations. We have an outstanding record with all the agencies that we interact with throughout our portfolio. All of our site management and maintenance staff are trained in the Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) guidelines and on how to look for REAC items when performing their inspections.

Quantum is dedicated to abide by all Fair Housing laws and to be an Equal Opportunity housing provider.

Resident Services

Our number one goal is to provide the very best services to our owners and our residents. Many of our communities offer computer training, English as a Second Language (ESL) class, healthy eating and nutrition coaching, and even baking classes. For both children and adults, there are enriching arts and crafts programs and exercise opportunities.

Quantum maintains open lines of communication with the residents of all communities. We use newsletters, flyers, posters, and mailings in order to provide residents with community updates and important announcements.

Quantum emphasizes effectiveness of its maintenance and engineering staff, which, in turn, increases operational efficiency and provides each community it manages with consistently high standards for necessary engineering services.


Quantum prides itself on the ability to provide customized services to our clients. Because we are not a large firm with a combination of owner-managed communities, we can concentrate our services on our customers’ needs and provide individualized services.

Quantum’s marketing efforts will accentuate the quality of management, location, property amenities, unit size, and value. Though property location is the primary selling feature, we will also promote the “We Care” attitude of service in a beautiful location.


The Property Management Association (PMA) Pace Awards recognize excellence in multi-family management. The awards focus on property appearance, resident programs, and overall property success. Since 2011, Quantum Real Estate Management, LLC, AMO® communities have won 46 awards due to the overall operations and programs that are offered at our communities, and the teams that work to enhance our residents’ living experience.