Thirty Years of Team Quantum and CF Great Strides

Team QuantumTeam Quantum walked in our 30th Great Strides Walk on May 9, 2018 in Bethesda, Maryland.

This year we have lots to be thankful for but we still have lots to strive for also.  In December 2016 our son & friend, Danny (now 33 years old), miraculously received a double lung transplant.  Over the past few years Danny’s lungs have been failing rapidly but he now has renewed hope.  Unfortunately the transplant does not come without some new challenging medical problems that have Danny in and out of the hospital on a regular basis.  Although his lungs are CF free the rest of his body is still fighting CF, and in addition, he is taking an incredible amount of strong medicines to prevent rejection.

There are many young adults in the same position as Danny who have recently undergone transplants or are waiting for transplants.  They all are fighting t stay alive.  For the next generation there is now more hope because of the medicines that are available to them now.  These medicines were a result of the research that has been funded by this walk year after year.  The challenge still remains to see that all CF patients are given the opportunity to live long, fulfilling lives.  This is why we are continuing to raise funds for research and ultimately for a cure!

Great Strides is a fun, family-friendly event that raises awareness and support for people with CF and their families.

Love and thanks for being a part of our team,

The Bessette Family and Team Quantum