Lockwood and Elmwood Residents Dontate to Wreaths Across America

The Lockwood House and Elmwood House Management team thanked residents for donating $1,500 to Wreaths Across America at the Cheltenham Veterans Cemetery in Cheltenham, MD.

Their donations helped support the cemetery’s yearlong mission of remembering the fallen, honoring those who serve, and teaching the next generation about the value of freedom. The funds will also support new and existing programs aimed at sharing this mission.

2022 NAHMA and George Spritzer Scholarship Awarded to Quantum Recipients

The National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA) Educational Foundation, a non-profit organization, provides a scholarship grant each year. The purpose of the scholarship is to provide educational opportunities to residents of NAHMA communities. The nominees must be a resident in good standing at an AHMA/NAHMA affiliated apartment community and either be a high school senior with a minimum GPA of 2.5, a general equivalency diploma holder, or a matriculated student with a minimum GPA of 2.3 at an accredited college or trade/technical school.

This year, the $3500 NAHMA Scholarship and $1600 George Spreitzer Scholarship Boost, was awarded to three Quantum recipients:

  • Damani Maddox currently has a 3.74 HS GPA and will be attending Stevenson University as a freshman, majoring in nursing.
  • Damante’ Maddox currently has 2.97 GPA and is a senior at Bowie State University, with a major in Computer Science/ Cyber Security.
  • Joshua Puyat currently has a 3.02 GPA and is a sophomore at Northern Virginia Community College, majoring in Cyber Security.

“We are so proud of ourselves!” were the only words siblings Damante’ and Damani could let out through their beaming smiles. Joshua expressed his gratitude for the privilege of being chosen – “It means a lot to me coming from a low-income, single parent, family. I believe people should donate to the NAHMA Educational Foundation because it gives many students like me the opportunity to achieve their dreams, and I will forever be grateful.”

Special thank you to our staff and residents for nominating, and voting for, all of the student nominees, as well as to NAHMA for their generosity and continuing to make meaningful impacts.

Savannah Apartments Hosting Open House Every Saturday





Washington, DC – Savannah Apartments is hosting an open house event every Saturday from 10:00am – 2:00pm at their location at 3238 13th Street in Washington, DC.

Quantum’s Regional Property Manager Jenny Rufino said attendees will get an inside look at the newly renovated two-bedroom apartment styles available for low-to-moderate income families, as well as view the new community amenities such as the playground and community room.





In addition to taking the tours, attendees can also enjoy some light refreshments while they meet some of the Quantum staff. This a great opportunity to come in and see the community and some of the benefits of living in the community.

To find out more about Savannah Apartments, visit Savannah Apartments | Quantum Management LLC AMO® (qpmgmt.com). Open house ends June 25, 2022.

Governor Northam Visits Colchester Towne Community

On Thursday, September 9, 2021, Governor Northam visited Colchester Towne Condominiums to learn more about the impacts of urban community forestry.

From left to right, Margaret Heflin, Property Manager, Wendy Guzman, Administrative Assistant, Juan Pablo Rodriguez, Regional Property Manager, Ralph Northam, Virginia Governor, and Timisha Harrell, Property Manager stops for a picture after walking the community.

During the Governor’s morning walk-through, he spoke with Quantum Real Estate’s Regional Property Manager Juan Pablo Rodriguez and Property Manager Timisha Harrell about the benefits of tree planting, such as greater climate resiliency, plus their influence on the greater public health and wellbeing across all ages.

Governor Northam was very impressed with the community upkeep, as well as their focus on sustaining the planet and building greater community cohesion through community tree planting.

A special thank you to Renee Grebe with Northern Virginia Conservation Advocate and Jim McGlone with Virginia Department of Forestry’s NOVA Urban Forest Conservationist for inviting us to this event!

To learn more about the planting, maintenance, care, and protection of tree populations in urban communities, visit www.americanforests.org/blog/what-is-urban-forestry-a-quick-101.

Colchester Towne Water Keepers of Little Hunting Creek Event

On Saturday, June 19, 2021, the first Water Keepers of Little Hunting Creek Event took place at Colchester Towne Condominiums. The event began with an arts and craft activity which included leaf shading or tracing using leaf shape stencils. The main activity which was the Dancing Nature Walk along the creek. The children enjoyed both activities and gave their full participation. The children had so many interesting questions along with vowing to remember to place all of their unwanted trash in the proper receptacles located around the community. When they learned how much the trash pollutes the water of the creek, they became so determined to pick up any trash that was along their way throughout the nature walk. Thank you to the Audubon Naturalist Society and David Levine of Good Shepherd Housing for helping to coordinate this event.


A Message from the President of Quantum

During the past few weeks, hearing the anger, listening to the cries of despair, and seeing the hundreds of protests, the unrest, and the growing racial tensions in our country, it all causes us to delve deep into our hearts and souls to assess our thoughts, words, and actions.

As Quantum’s owner, I want to let every Quantum employee know that we do not, and will not, tolerate racial injustice of any kind. We do not and will not condone violence, and we will not allow hatred, in any form, to be a part of our corporate environment or the environment of the communities that we manage.

Our properties we professionally manage throughout the tri-state area are home to a large and diverse group of people – races, religions, and beliefs. We will continue to respect every one of our residents just as we will do every Quantum employee.

We can put on paper many more words to demonstrate our solidarity; however, what is most important is that we show it in our actions. Quantum will provide support to the communities, residents, and employees by demonstrating racial justice, tolerance, and a real community spirit for everyone.

Pat Bessette
Quantum Real Estate Management, LLC AMO

National Night Out with Quantum

National Night Out logoNational Night Out is an annual community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our neighborhoods safer, more caring places to live. National Night Out enhances the relationship between neighbors and law enforcement while bringing back a true sense of community.

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Copeland Manor and NHT-Enterprise Encourage Watershed Sustainability through Art

Storm drain muralDon’t Throw Your Trash Where the Fish Splash
By NHT Sustainability Manager Kathleen Berube

Few of us routinely think about our personal actions and the quality of our watershed. Why would we? We’re all busy, wrapped up in our daily lives. We don’t consider the impact of the bottle we saw on the ground, the trash that blew by or the soap we used to wash our car. Even though we may not be aware, our actions have a tremendous impact on the quality of stormwater. Many seemingly benign actions have a very real detrimental effect on aquatic ecosystems. Changing our behaviors is not hard, but sometimes we need a little reminder.

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