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Madonna House at Belmont in June/July 2018 Virginia LEAP Newsletter

The Madonna House at Belmont project was completed on June 27, 2018, and included replacing all bathroom vanity 60 watt bulbs with 6 watt LED bulbs. This project also included the replacement of older shower heads with water efficient shower heads.

Small Changes Yield Big Benefits at Fredericksburg Apartment Complex

Property managers at Madonna House apartments in Fredericksburg have been keeping a close eye on the cost of energy and water for a few years and knew there was plenty of room for improvement in both electricity and water consumption at the complex.

Property Manager Woody Carter was excited when LEAP got in touch about Dominion Energy’s Low-Income Weatherization program because he understood the benefits right away. Changing incandescent bulbs to LEDs and installing low flow showerheads on such a large scale – 130 apartments in all – saves a lot of energy and money. At Madonna House that means more money in the tenants’ pockets since each resident pays their own individual electric bill.

LEAP staffer Ryan Van Patten, and summer interns Erilen Gomez and Mica Girstantas, recently spent a day installing 522 six-watt LED bulbs, replacing the 600-watt incandescents in the apartments. Each one bedroom apartment received 4 bulbs and two bedroom apartments received 8 bulbs. 78 low flow showerheads were also installed. This simple switch out will save 11,275 kWh per year.

“LEAP walked the Madonna House Management team through all facets of the project. Most importantly the LEAP technicians who came to install the energy efficient items were very polite to our community and caused minimal disturbance,” said Woody Carter. “As a company we are hoping to apply this project throughout our communities to reduce the impacts on human health and the environment.”


Island Walk Fresh Produce Market & Resource Fair

Accessing fresh, organic produce at a reasonable price can be a struggle for anyone, especially those who struggle financially. This is why Island Walk partnered with Ladybell Farms for a special one-day event on Friday, May 18, 2018, that turned into much more. While our initial goal was to provide vegetables at a discount, we decided to take this opportunity up a couple of notches.

In addition to Ladybell Farms bringing fresh vegetables as well as flowers, we also invited some community partners for a Resource Fair. In attendance were representatives from Herndon Health Works, Training Futures, Computer CORE, Fairfax County Public Schools, Fairfax County Police, and we even had a “Maintenance Corner” from Island Walk’s very own Maintenance Supervisor, Carlos Lazo. A few of the Island Walk teens also decided to use this event to hold a bake sale to raise funds to send a box of kids clothes, books, and toys to El Salvador!

One more special aspect of the event was that we used the opportunity to invite our neighbors from across the street in a housing development called Golf Course Island. Our goal is to build relationships and to thank them for the Little Free Library they donated to us earlier this year. Residents purchased produce, explored our resource fair, and were walked down to the Little Free Library by Island Walk Teen Volunteers.

Despite heavy rains, Island Walk’s Fresh Produce Market & Resource Fair event was very successful! We had over 50 attendees from Island Walk, Golf Course Island, community partners, and Island Walk staff. Because the event was well-received, Ladybell Farms has agreed to hold regular markets throughout the summer and fall and we will continue to use these events as opportunities to further build community relations and bring valuable resources to the residents.

Dedication of Donald M. Garner Day Lounge at Robert L. Walker House

The newly completed day lounge at Robert L. Walker House was dedicated and named in honor and recognition of New Image Community Baptist Church Pastor Donald Garner’s relentless service and commitment to the Robert L. Walker House.

Pastor Garner has served faithfully as a Trustee, Deacon, Member of the Male and Gospel Choirs, Sunday School and Bible Study Teachers, Minister of Education, Chairman of the Finance and Control Board, Assistant to the Pastor, Assistant Pastor, Presbytery Board Member, and Pastor of Administration. He has served as Pastor since July 2000. He is a graduate of the Givens Bible College of Rhema Christian Center and has a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies from Calvary Christian College.



Copeland Manor and NHT-Enterprise Encourage Watershed Sustainability through Art

Don’t Throw Your Trash Where the Fish Splash

By NHT Sustainability Manager Kathleen Berube

Few of us routinely think about our personal actions and the quality of our watershed. Why would we? We’re all busy, wrapped up in our daily lives. We don’t consider the impact of the bottle we saw on the ground, the trash that blew by or the soap we used to wash our car. Even though we may not be aware, our actions have a tremendous impact on the quality of stormwater. Many seemingly benign actions have a very real detrimental effect on aquatic ecosystems. Changing our behaviors is not hard, but sometimes we need a little reminder.

Enter storm drain murals.

Storm drain murals, as the name implies, are pieces of artwork designed to foster a connection between the viewer and the watershed. The murals, accompanied by actionable messages like “only rain down this drain” and “don’t throw trash where the fish splash” catch the eye of those who pass by. Regular viewing of these murals encourages us to be more self-reflective and consider a change in our ways. Maybe you make an extra effort to property dispose of that plastic bottle, run after the trash that blew by, and take your car to a wash where water is cleaned and recycled.

The residents of Copeland Manor, a NHT-Enterprise property in SE D.C., recently participated in an artwork competition to design three storm drain murals. Residents were invited to submit concepts, slogans and sketches to inspire the final mural designs. The winning residents worked with a professional artist to transform their concepts into unique designs that reflected the personality of Copeland Manor and the residents who live there.

In April of 2018 all three murals were painted onto the drains. NHT-Enterprise staff, Copeland Manor residents and a professional artist all worked together to create amazing pieces of art that will inspire change in the community for years to come. Now, when Copeland Manor residents walk through their community they will see beautiful reminders that their actions, good or bad, have a tremendous impact on the Anacostia River. The hope is that small individual changes will add up to a larger culture of environmental stewardship at Copeland Manor.

This project was made possible by the Community Stormwater Solutions grant from the District Department of Energy and Environment. NHT-Enterprise hopes to expand its storm drain murals and environmental education efforts across it’s D.C. portfolio soon. A huge thank you to Maria Mandel of Creative Couch Designs and the residents and staff of Copeland Manor for making this project a smashing success!


Thirty Years of Team Quantum and CF Great Strides

Team Quantum walked in our 30th Great Strides Walk on May 9, 2018 in Bethesda, Maryland.

This year we have lots to be thankful for but we still have lots to strive for also.  In December 2016 our son & friend, Danny (now 33 years old), miraculously received a double lung transplant.  Over the past few years Danny’s lungs have been failing rapidly but he now has renewed hope.  Unfortunately the transplant does not come without some new challenging medical problems that have Danny in and out of the hospital on a regular basis.  Although his lungs are CF free the rest of his body is still fighting CF, and in addition, he is taking an incredible amount of strong medicines to prevent rejection.   

There are many young adults in the same position as Danny who have recently undergone transplants or are waiting for transplants.  They all are fighting t stay alive.  For the next generation there is now more hope because of the medicines that are available to them now.  These medicines were a result of the research that has been funded by this walk year after year.  The challenge still remains to see that all CF patients are given the opportunity to live long, fulfilling lives.  This is why we are continuing to raise funds for research and ultimately for a cure!

Great Strides is a fun, family-friendly event that raises awareness and support for people with CF and their families.  

Love and thanks for being a part of our team,

The Bessette Family and Team Quantum

Congratulations to Quantum’s Newest ARM®Jheri Oliver

On February 20, 2018, Emerson House Property Manager Jheri Oliver was installed as an Accredited Residential Manager® into IREM Chapter 8.

In order to professionalize and improve the quality and reputation of Residential Managers, the Institute of Real Estate Management has a formal program consisting of education, formal examination, experience, and professional reputation that leads to the designation of Accredited Residential Manager®. The ARM® designation has come to represent the most reputable and professional segment of the Residential Manager workforce. Thus, anyone hiring an ARM® can be confident that the ARM® designee is experienced, competent and of the highest integrity.

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